It’s that time of the year again when thoughts turn to Christmas and the enchantment it brings. Decorating for the festive season is not just about spreading joy and warmth; it can significantly boost retail sales. 


As people across the UK prepare to embrace the Christmas spirit, it’s the perfect time to delve into the art of Christmas decor. From sparkling lights to charming window displays, the right decorations can captivate people and draw them into your premises. 



Sustainable Christmas decorations


We are witnessing a rising demand for sustainable installations and arrangements. Overconsumption is out. Conscious decorating is in. We’re helping our clients find their Christmas spirit without compromising on eco-credentials. 


This includes sustainable lights which use energy-saving bulbs, re-using decorations from previous years and all-natural alternatives like traditional wreaths and dried fruit.


From grand elements like a majestic Christmas tree to the minutiae of tinsel and baubles, our holiday decorating practices are undergoing a transformation. The increasing awareness of the ecological impact of cutting down trees is inspiring inventive alternatives to the traditional evergreen – and we’re at the forefront. 


Artificial trees which can be cherished year after year are gaining popularity, while some businesses are opting for wall-mounted trees for space-saving elegance. Then there’s the delightful option of adorning spaces with striking potted plants that can thrive beyond the holiday season, and unlike traditional pine trees, they won’t leave a trail of needles to sweep up after.



Natural Christmas decorations


In the spirit of embracing eco-conscious Christmas decor, our customers are warmly welcoming the natural world into their indoor spaces. The trend of incorporating foraged twigs, branches, and fir cones, creates an earthy and inviting aesthetic.


When it comes to lush garlands adorning bannisters and mantelpieces, there’s a growing emphasis on using more preserved foliage than ever before. Dried maple leaves and plump moss are becoming staples, infusing colour and a natural ambience into festive displays. 


While artificial materials may be less environmentally friendly, they pale in comparison to the authenticity and charm real foliage brings to your decor. In this trend, more foliage creates splendour.



Traditional Christmas decorations

In the midst of the move towards eco-consciousness, there’s unmistakable nostalgia for bygone eras. 


As many people and businesses face the unique challenges of today, there’s a desire to harken back to simpler times. And there’s no better time to do this than at Christmas. 


We’re seeing increased demand for throwback, traditional decorations: like bells, reindeer, candles, candy canes, garland, stockings, wreaths, snow globes, and angels.



Winter Wonderland


Christmas decor is a powerful way to enthral customers and elevate their guest experience. It’s becoming very competitive for which bar, restaurant or shop can create the most immersive winter wonderland of festive magic. 


Many are taking the challenge head on – opting to go big and bold. 


From the moment they encounter the captivating window displays to the twinkling lights guiding their path, every detail resonates with the spirit of the season. 


This immersive experience doesn’t just inspire shoppers to explore what you have to offer; it transforms your shop into a cherished destination where they create lasting memories and return year after year to experience the joy of the festive season.



Natural textures


We embrace natural textures within our plantscapes and Christmas installations. We predict this will be a bigger trend this year than ever before. Christmas is a tactile season, all about touching and feeling – it’s only right our decorations reflect this.


At Fleurtations, we often weave the raw elegance of wood, the lush vibrancy of greenery, and the earthy charm of twigs and moss into our designs. These natural elements infuse a sense of authenticity and serenity, connecting us to the great outdoors while we’re warm and cosy inside. These textures create an immersive experience that puts customers in the mood for festive fun.



Floral and festive


The festive season starts earlier every year, so we encourage our clients to make a look at a more subtle shift which avoids jarring customers, with a mixture of florals with traditional nods to Christmas to create a blend which works throughout the entire festive season.


Incorporating flowers into festive decor adds elegance and vibrancy, whether it’s using fresh blooms as table centrepieces or crafting bespoke wreaths adorned with seasonal flowers.



Neon bright


Neon is on trend in 2023, adding vibrancy and electrifying Christmas decor. 


From eye-catching neon signs to bold and fluorescent accents in interior decor, neon can infuse spaces with a dynamic and modern aesthetic. Neon hues bring a sense of optimism and playfulness to interiors, ideal for anyone looking to make a bold statement in the coming year. 


It’s a great option for those looking for something a little less traditional.



Modern Christmas village scenes


Modern Christmas village scenes offer a versatile and inclusive way to celebrate the diverse array of holidays that occur during the winter season. 


In an era when it’s essential to acknowledge and respect various cultural and religious festivities, these scenes provide a delightful platform for embracing the spirit of unity and togetherness. 


By incorporating elements from different winter holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and more into these village displays, you can honour the richness of our multicultural world but also create a warm and inviting space welcoming to all. 



Green is good


We’ve spoken about biophilic design and its benefits plenty of times on our website, especially when it comes to the benefits of going green in retail venues. 


Christmas gives you an opportunity to go big on traditional green, from trees to baubles and elves. Incorporating green into Christmas decor is a timeless and versatile choice that brings a refreshing and natural touch to the festive mood. 


Green, with its evergreen connotations, symbolises life, renewal, and hope, making it a perfect addition to Christmas decor. The best bit is, you just can’t go wrong!



Need some more help or inspiration?


At Fleurtations, the festive season has been well underway for many months. Christmas will come around quickly.  Whatever you’re thinking, let’s talk about it and get you set up with a Christmas to remember.