The benefits of incorporating plants into your office space have been well documented. What if we told you that the power of plants can create a blossoming environment for the classroom that increases learning and productivity for students?


We’ve talked about the term ‘biophilic design’ and our innate nature as human beings to become connected with natural life, alongside the extensive emotional and physical benefits of doing so – it’s in our DNA. For children in particular, soaking up nature through a walk in the woods or nurturing a home-grown plant in the garden can be a valuable asset to their mental health and emotional development.


There is no doubt that plants can bring aesthetic appeal to any space but adding them to the classroom or communal educational environments can welcome tangible health, well-being, and educational benefits for both students and teachers.


At Fleurtations, it’s our mission to demonstrate the incredible possibilities of growing their workplace into a flourishing success with the power of plants. But how does this align with education? In this article, we will explore the key benefits of inviting nature into the classroom and discuss how you can incorporate this with your students.


Can plants improve air quality?


Did you know that plants are a catalyst for decreasing levels of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis? By releasing oxygen, plants help to counteract the carbon dioxide in the air, which has been shown to help improve brain productivity in all environments.


Plants also help to reduce levels of pollution from the air by absorbing them into their roots through their leaves. A study carried out by NASA showed that inviting plants indoors can increase the humidity in the air which presents many benefits including the prevention of sore throats and coughs.


Interested in finding out how to improve the educational experience for students and teachers? Get in touch to discuss our budget-friendly, personalised plantscape options.


Plants improve students’ cognitive well-being


The environment of a classroom has been shown to have a strong influence on students’ overall mood and motivation to learn. It’s not just us that believe plants can add a touch of energy and vibrance to a dull space – it is in science too.


A recent study demonstrated that the presence of a biophilic atmosphere in educational

environments resulted in higher concentration and memory retention from the students and an overall improvement of performance in core subjects such as Maths, English and Science. Additionally, the connection to nature within the classroom has been linked to lower stress and anxiety levels and higher levels of creativity and problem-solving abilities from the students.


All the signs are there to indicate that inviting nature into an educational space can encourage a boost in student attainment and academic performance, as the aesthetic appeal of the plants can transform an otherwise monotonous space into a flourishing environment where students and educational professionals can feel more enthusiastic.Our philosophy is – healthy plants = healthy minds.


Plants encourage responsibility and environmental consciousness.


This one is a no-brainer. Welcoming plants into educational spaces can be an overwhelming responsibility for the tutor if they are solely responsible for the plant’s needs. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the students involved by encouraging them to be proactive as a team in sharing the responsibility for the plant’s life and growth.


Physically educating students about the duties involved in caring for a plant’s health and growth is a great way for them to develop a healthy and nurturing relationship with the environment. At Fleurtations, we are all about raising environmental awareness and being conscious of nature, which is why we believe that raising plants in an educational setting is a great life lesson for students to develop a deeper connection to nature.


As a team of horticultural experts, we can install and maintain a plantscape tailored to your individual space and needs that will keep your students feeling enthused about learning.


Give us a call and let the power of plants do the talking. Whatever your needs, we can help your business flourish.


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