Plants are certainly trendy right now – but how much difference do they make to a workplace? Are leafy Monsteras just for show or are plants really good to have around the office? Studies say yes. Office plants can create a healthier, happier working environment for your employees. 

Air Quality 

Offices are notoriously hot and stuffy, filled with everything from food smells to dust particles.

Not only are office plants aesthetically pleasing, they’re also great for improving the air quality in your space. Interior plants decrease air pollution, particularly volatile organic compounds. 

One study, for example, found that the harmful side effects of indoor pollution – such as itchy eyes, respiratory problems, and asthma, to name a few – were drastically reduced by the addition of house plants in a Delhi office building. 

While most plants can claim some air-purifying benefits, some are better than others. We can work with you to create a bespoke installation for your office space which meets your requirements. Plants can quickly add a touch of greenery and life to your office space, keeping your employees healthy and happy.  



Office plants are good for the human body and brain which makes them the perfect addition to the office. All plants give us oxygen while removing carbon dioxide which cleans the air we breathe. Plants have even been shown to help with workplace performance. Office plants also improve your mood, helping us to feel happier in the workplace. 

From improving your lung capacity to helping heal your skin, there are so many useful plants which are both beautiful and practical to have around the office. 


Open plan offices look great but they can be noisy and unsuitable for deep focus tasks. Not to mention that some people hate communal workplaces as it can be difficult to hear yourself think amongst hundreds of other noises going on in the background. This is where the magic of plants comes in.

A variety of plants can help to reduce echoes in large open spaces and even absorb excess sound, creating a more tranquil and calm working environment. For sound reduction, go for plants with dense leaves and robust structure. 

A great choice for the office is a living wall. Not only are they stunning to look at, they are great sound absorbers. Living walls can decrease noise pollution in your space by up to 40% as well as improving the air quality making them a brilliant all-rounder office plant installation.    


Indoor plants help improve mood, concentration and even memory which can make employees feel better mentally and physically. Not to mention that plants in the workplace have even been found to reduce workplace absenteeism and increase productivity. 

A Scandinavian study found that exposure to indoor plants improved feelings of well-being in participants compared to those who weren’t exposed to plants. 

Want to find out which plants are great for the office? There are some great suggestions here.

Want to fill your office with life? 

We’re botanical experts, with 30 years of experience in designing and installing bespoke plantscapes. We work with you to design something that’ll add wow factor to your space – regardless of your budget.

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