If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you’ll know we are big on Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and when we spend each day ensuring our clients have the most spectacular Christmas displays.

We take our craft seriously year-round, but the festive period gives us the chance to really go all out! When the time comes, we empty our many containers full of lights, props, tinsel and everything else needed to bring our client’s storefronts and entrances to life.

Planning is our top priority. Every single one of our projects benefits from the time and attention it takes to make something spectacular. As the season unfolds, it’s a pleasure to see our creations across Scotland and beyond. We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed creating them.

There’s not only room in the inn, there are capacious plantscapes!

We’ve been zooming from town to town and city to city in our famous Fleurtations vans getting Scotland’s best hotels ready for Christmas!


Radisson Red

The Radisson Red, standing tall, surveying Finnieston Quay, is now dressed for the occasion. Their iconic rooftop bar is ready to welcome people in for a round of Jingle Bells and winter warmers, settled among pillars draped in plump ropes of festive greenery.

Howea Forsteriana

The George

Over in Edinburgh, the George has enjoyed the Fleurtations Christmas treatment, too. The George hotel greets the street with a shower of diamond lights which illuminate Edinburgh’s iconic George Street.


Bright lights in local businesses, from a cut to a slice

Beyond hotels, we’ve been designing Christmas installations for many other businesses that are in the festive spirit.

Living Wall

Spoiled Hairdressing

Spoiled Hairdressing in St. Andrews is now accessible through an archway of verdant wreaths laced with tinsel, baubles and fairy lights, studded with two lanterns winking with a soft glow.

The 5-star salon’s window is also outlined with a matching light-bespeckled frame, bringing harmony to its exterior aesthetic.


Epipremnum Aureum

La Vita

Diners in La Vita Piccolino e Vino in Newton Mearns will get a good boost of festive colour and merriment from the decor on their next visit. Windows and walls adorned with borders of red, gold and green – lights, pines, ribbons and rosy baubles all working together.

What about next year?

Yes, Christmas will come and go quickly – it always does – but it won’t be long before Christmas 2023, and we’ve already started thinking about it. We’re ready when you are!

Did you miss the boat this Christmas, or have you set a high bar that you need to exceed next year? Start thinking about the eye-catching installation you’d like in your establishment for Christmas next year.

Of course, if there’s anything you need before then, we can do that, too! Email info@fleurtations.co.uk to speak to our wonderful team.