Fleurtations at The Scottish Open


Since 1991, we have created, installed and maintained high-end interior and exterior plant displays such as bold entryways for The Balmoral, seasonal displays for boutique hotel, Black Ivy and most recently, we brought our passion for plants back to the AIG Women’s open at Muirfield.


Putting our ‘petal to the metal’, the Fleurtations-fleet were furiously weeding, watering, digging and planting in preparation for the big event. From perfectly manicured hedges to trimmed topiary planters, we had an absolute ball (pun intended).

It’s true what they say, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.


We love events at Fleurtations, and we can make yours a show-stopper.


Why should you invest in plants for your event?


From flower archways to living walls, plant displays undoubtedly make a long-lasting impression. They don’t just sit pretty, they purify the air and provide a whole host of health benefits plus tackle climate change too.


Proven to improve mood and reduce stress, providing people with plants at your event is a no-brainer.


Looking to make your event more memorable with plant displays? Look no further than Fleurtations.


We will work closely with you to ideate, design and execute plant projects of any scope and complexity with exceptional attention to detail. From large-scale events such as conferences to store launches, there is no job too big or too small for us and we will be with you every step of the way.


With decades of experience under our belt, we know a thing or two about working at height, conducting a major install within public space and working with the best team for the job to ensure the incredible design doesn’t compromise on safety.


From moss sculptures, and living walls to flower arches, and even extraterrestrial woodland thrown into the mix, we’re always on top of botanical trends to bring your visions to life.


Make your event more memorable with high-quality greenery, florals and customs builds with a special Fleurtations touch.


Breathe New Life Into Your Business with Exterior Planting


With a little help from Fleurtations, you can harness the power of biophilic design to seamlessly improve not only your event experience but also attract new customers into the hub of your business, integrating the natural world into the built environment.


Ensuring a positive first impression with your customers is key and that starts way before they even step foot on your premises. From restaurants to hotels to retail establishments, let us explain how the power of exterior plants can amplify your business.


Planting for those first impressions


Today’s consumers are constantly looking at new ways to make extra special moments with friends and loved ones. If you’re looking to expand your customer base, why not invest in plant wall decor, verdant foliage or show-stopping entrances?


Beautifully frame your entrance way with vibrant plants trailing from a trellis or stately potted evergreens. An abundance of plants and flower arrangements are destined to gain instant kerb appeal and give the wow factor.


The mood-boosting effects of mother nature will go a very long way in creating new customers and attracting passers-by and foot traffic.


Could exterior planting increase your social media following?


Are you looking to build your social following? Vertical living walls filled with bursts of colour and the season’s freshest foliage have become increasingly popular in cafes and bars indoors or externally in beer gardens and terraces.


Living walls create a talking point and are a lively point of interest for customers. Doubling as unique selfie stations and an insta-worthy backdrop for photos on the gram, this addition can lead to more likes and follows.


Carefully placed canopies of lush foliage to front-door plants and window-box displays are just one of the many ways Fleurtations can add value to your business digs.


Want to work with us?


Our eye-catching exterior plant displays are tailored to you, working with you throughout the process all the way through from design to installation, guaranteed to put a smile on your customers’ faces and improve the mood and wellbeing of your employees.


Give us a call and let the power of plants do the talking. Whatever your needs, we can help your event flourish.


Call us on 01875 870 070 or email us at info@fleurtations.co.uk to enquire now.