Christmas is coming and our decoration orders are already starting to come in. Unsurprisingly when you look back at the last two Christmases, there’s great excitement to make this return to the usual festive celebrations something special.


If you’re looking for decorating and accessorising inspiration, we’ve gathered a few emerging trends we’ve noticed from our first flurry of interest this year.


If you already know exactly what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch and discuss what we can do for you. Otherwise, read on to discover what is making people tick this Christmas when dressing up their places to host winter visitors.


Sustainable Christmas decorations


Something else of little surprise is that we’re seeing an ever-increasing demand for sustainable installations and arrangements, with Christmas being central to this trend.


From the big details like the tree to smaller intricacies like the materials used to make tinsel and baubles, our Christmas decorating habits are changing.


The growing awareness of ecological impacts caused by cutting down so many trees every year is driving creative alternatives to the traditional tree. Artificial trees that can be used every year are proving popular, and some are even searching for wall-mounted trees.


There is of course the option, too, of using striking potted plants that can stay in the soil and live another Christmas. While they might have spikes, using a cactus instead of a pine tree means no needles to sweep up in early January!


As for tiny touches, wrapping presents in fabrics rather than disposable paper will help reduce waste, and we’re looking forward to using a brilliant new ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles in our work this year.


Natural Christmas decorations


In the same spirit of considering the environment when decorating for Christmas, our customers are inviting us to bring the natural world indoors. Scattering foraged twigs, branches and fir cones makes for a great, earthy aesthetic and multi-functional tree trunks can be used as furniture or an ornament.


Luscious garlands for draping down bannisters or over mantelpieces are boasting more and more preserved foliage than before, with dried maple leaves and banks of plump moss adding colour and ambience. While artificial materials are less eco-friendly, they also don’t look as good or bring any authenticity to your displays. So the more foliage the better.

To ensure our customers enjoy aromatic experiences, we’re imbuing some of our installations with dried oranges, dried limes and cinnamon sticks to vibe with comforting leather and wooden textures.


Traditional Christmas decorations


While there has been a noticeable shift towards modern approaches with reduced carbon footprints, many still very clearly yearn for the nostalgia of earlier eras and the designs that defined them. Dreaming of easier times with less technology can be a healthy salve for hard times like these, and Christmas is the perfect occasion to indulge.


Wreaths and garlands around a roaring open fire with two three-foot nutcrackers standing on either side. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is playing. There’s mountains of wrapping paper in every direction. And at the heart of the room, an illuminated tree with a clay angel on top.


Visions of Christmases past can be recreated in many settings in modern ways that don’t harm our planet. We have many ideas of how to make that a reality so your customers can enjoy that classic Christmas feeling from their childhoods and before.


Your Christmas decorations


How do you think you’ll decorate your venue for the first big Christmas back after the pandemic? Will you opt for the quirky cacti accompanied by decorations made from recycled plastic bottles or does the 12-foot Douglas fir embellished with heirloom baubles for a nostalgic finish take your fancy?


Whatever you’re thinking, let’s talk about it and get you set up with a Christmas to remember.