At Fleurtations Plantscapes, we believe in cultivating more than just greenery – we cultivate positive change. Our recent collaboration with Change Mental Health charity not only reflects our commitment to creating meaningful plantscapes but also showcases our shared values in fostering mental well-being.


Who are Change Mental Health?


They provide transformational support for people ensuring that everyone has access to the support they need, when they need it and in a way which works best for them.

They seek to change society by changing attitudes, fighting stigma and influencing government to ensure a better quality of life for those affected by mental illness.

Operating for over 50 years, they have evolved to support even more people with severe and enduring mental illness.



Planting tranquillity in office spaces


In our collaboration with Change Mental Health Charity, we crafted and installed bespoke plantscapes designed to transform their office spaces into havens of peace and zen.

Understanding the profound impact of greenery on mental health, we meticulously selected plants to create environments that promote a sense of calm and well-being. We were proud to be able to recycle pre-loved plants and containers which made this display positive for the charity’s staff and the planet.

Not only do we support the charity’s mission, but we also strongly align with its mission and values.


Shared values, shared vision:


Our commitment to caring for both our clients and the environment mirrors the dignity and compassion championed by Change Mental Health Charity. We recognise the complexity of human beings and extend kindness not only through our way of working but also in our sustainable practices.

It’s been a pleasure to complete a project for a cause so important to us. We’re proud to have made a difference to the team whose work impacts so many in a positive way. To stay up to date with all things Flerutations, why not follow us on Instagram and Facebook?