Sustainability is a huge consideration for us here at Fleurtations in our business and for many of our customers. While adding plants to your building can have many great outcomes for the people, we ensure that the work we do is planet-approved. Here is an insight into our sustainable practices and how we ensure our business is as green as our fingers.


Horticultural experts


We are horticultural experts with more than three decades of experience in creating beautiful spaces using the power of biophilic design. We put sustainability at the heart of our business, sourcing the greenest elements possible to create bespoke landscapes and event installations.


For example, just last Christmas we worked with our clients to improve the green credentials of their Christmas installations. While we believe that impact should be the top priority – we also feel strongly about having a neutral impact on the planet. To do this, we source many reusable or fully biodegradable elements such as large props, foliage and energy-efficient lighting for our commercial Christmas displays. We even bought in more than 10,000 dried oranges to create festive displays with a more organic feel.


No matter your goals when it comes to your building or office, our team of horticultural experts can assist with integrating plants into your space to create your desired effect. Why not take a look at some of our case studies?


We work with intelligent green solutions


At our headquarters, we focus on sustainability from the ground up in our nursery and in every project we take on. That means investing in a range of intelligent, green solutions; from battery-operated watering systems, which save water and reduce your carbon footprint to energy-efficient lighting and temperature control systems. Want to find out what it’s like working with us? Why not read this blog post which takes you through our process?



We believe in the power of plants


We firmly believe that plants do more than look good, in fact, plants are well-known to have a list of benefits to those around them. Not only do they have a positive effect once in situ, but they are also a great way to decrease your carbon footprint. From their air-purifying properties to their ability to regulate temperatures within a space, plants should be the beating heart of any public space.



Growing in-house


To mitigate some of our environmental impacts, we grow a lot of our plants in-house. Not only does this ensure that we maintain a high quantity of healthy plants, but it also means our plants travel less before coming to us and, eventually, ending up at their new home.


Of course, we can source a range of tropical plants from around the world – but where possible, we endeavour to use similar species with a lesser environmental impact.


Our rental service


Of course, it’s best to reduce and reuse wherever possible – that’s why we offer a rental service should you require plantscapes for events or short periods of time. This means we can reduce our environmental impact while delivering amazing results for our various clients.


Find out more


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