If you’re in charge of a large building project, it can be easy to let landscape design and biophilic design become an afterthought. There are many benefits to incorporating interior and exterior planting at the design stage of your project. Collaboration begins at the start of the project which means all parties share their wisdom and ensure the finished result is delivered on time and with style.


Here’s why architects should collaborate with landscape designers on construction projects:


The benefits of an integrated approach to design


The best and most successful landscape designs marry indoor and outdoor spaces perfectly. This is best achieved when both spaces evolve in harmony as the project progresses. Landscape designers and architects work together to ensure the theme of a design is carried throughout the project.


We’ve been working with clients for more than 30 years on a variety of indoor and outdoor, and large-scale landscape projects. No matter the size and budget for a commercial plantscape project, we deliver impressive results on-time and professionally.


From large-scale installations to shopping centre activations, we are the commercial plantscape experts. Get in touch today to find out more about our services.


Design should reflect the lifestyle of people


The process of creating spaces for people is similar for both parties. Plenty of care is given to the use of space, scale of design, and of course, the materials used. The approach to creating a co-working space would look very different from a piece of residential architecture based on the needs of the people using it.


Selecting the right materials and then plants to integrate into the design can go a long way to help with the functionality and aesthetics of the building. Read more about our process here.


You’ll achieve seamless outdoor and indoor spaces


Coordinating all areas provides a cohesive look that you only achieve when everyone comes together. Through their work, the outside and inside of a project tie together effortlessly, which is what makes it flow.


In practice, this involves adding complementary materials into each space and using interior design features to highlight key viewpoints for an ultimate wow factor inside and out. 


Keep things on time and on budget


When building at scale, budgets often dwindle very easily. Another benefit of an integrated approach to design means budgets are viewed as a whole. This means proper planning for each stage is considered at the beginning of a large-scale plantscape project. Any potential budget or logistical issues is flagged and solved more efficiently. This ends up saving the site manager time and money. Even the simple addition of an exterior tap on a balcony or roof terrace can slash the maintenance costs and improve the long-term health of plants installed.


With everyone’s expertise in the mix, we find creative solutions more easily, which leads to a seamless project.


When landscapers and architects work together, an underground power supply for potential biophilic installation is integrated into the design, rather than added as an afterthought. The consideration of these details on quality contributes toward a more polished and cohesive feel for the end-user.


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