The power of indoor plants is limitless, and we work with businesses large and small to help them harness that power to grow their businesses, increase sales and improve the wellbeing of employees and customers.


But what are the specific benefits of bringing plants indoors? Here are 10 things you might not know about indoor plants.


1. Indoor plants can act as air purifiers


By absorbing pollution from the air into their roots throughout their lives, plants help to reduce levels of pollution from the air. A study carried out by NASA showed that inviting plants indoors can increase the humidity in the air which presents many benefits including the prevention of sore throats and coughs.


2. Bringing plants into your indoor space can relieve stress


Did you know plants can help us feel less stressed? A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology revealed that interacting with indoor plants can lower our blood pressure and help us feel more comfortable.


3. And boost productivity!


Incorporating plants into any space can provide a much-needed productivity boost. Plants are a catalyst for decreasing levels of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. By releasing oxygen, plants help to counteract the carbon dioxide in the air, which has been shown to help improve brain productivity in all environments.


4. They can increase footfall to your business


To put it simply, people like being in attractive places. Eye-catching and welcoming, indoor plants are the perfect way to ensure customers and employees actually want to spend time at your business premises.

Studies have shown that people will spend more time in environments which they find pleasant, so it goes without saying that environments with plants and greenery are among the most pleasant of spaces to enjoy.


5. Plants inspire creativity


Indoor horticulture can get the creative juices flowing. Yes, plants can actually increase people’s creativity. According to a research study by Texas A&M University, plants can boost creativity by 15% or more within the workplace.

It’s also easier to work in an attractive environment that you are happy to spend time in, so you’re likely to follow those creative ideas through!


6. They can fight noise pollution


Is noise pollution an issue you want to tackle? Incorporating indoor plants into your business or workspace may be the solution! There are many plants that can help to reduce echoes in open spaces and even absorb excess sound, helping to create a tranquil and calm environment.

7. Plants make people happier


Fostering a calm environment is important for wellbeing and makes your space a place that people enjoy visiting or working from. Plants also improve your mood, meaning we feel happier around them.

A Scandinavian study found that exposure to indoor plants improved feelings of well-being in participants compared to those who weren’t exposed to plants.


8. And plants make us physically healthier, too


From improving your lung capacity to helping heal your skin, there are loads of physical health benefits from having plants which are around us.


Being surrounded by plants is good for the human body and brain, which makes them the perfect addition to any space we frequent. All plants give us oxygen while removing carbon dioxide, which cleans the air we breathe and can even help us get a better night’s sleep.


9. They work better in groups


Pairing or grouping plants that have the same care needs can make them thrive. More plants also means more benefits for humans, like reduced stress levels and cleaner air. Living walls are a great example of this: it’s ‘living’ as it creates its own ecosystem.


We can help you find the best plant combination for your space, contact us to learn more.

10. They can help us save the planet


We already know that indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, but this can help cut the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.


Responsibly sourced indoor plants are vital for tackling climate change. We are sustainable and have been investing in green solutions such as battery-operated watering systems which save water and reduce your carbon footprint.


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If you want to bring the magic of plants indoors, now is as good a time as any to plant the seed. Get in touch now to find out more about the benefits of biophilic design in business.