Exterior Plants

First impressions are everything. What people see and feel as they walk through the doorway of a building often determines their views of the business within. Our securely fitted window boxes are made to measure and are planted with an interesting variety of upright and trailing, colourful foliage. A doorstep adorned with one of our entrance planters will definitely make guests and employees feel more upbeat, confident and welcome.


Choose from our Standard Display Care Service which includes two changes of flowering plants per year or our Deluxe Display Care Service which includes three changes per year.


Smoking Area

Now that smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public and work environments, for most businesses and office complexes this means providing those clients and workers who want to smoke a suitable, pleasant outdoor smoking area. Experience has shown that without adequate provision for smokers, doorways and entrances become blocked by people smoking and ruined by smoking debris, ash, cigarette butts and spent matches. We have a range of elegant planters that allow you to create spaces to accommodate smokers in a pleasant, functional environment, away from doorways and entrances.

Exterior Displays Brochure