Are plants and biophilic design expensive extras or will plants actually make a difference to your business? The answer is yes, plants will be a great investment for your business – here’s why!


After over a year of lockdown restrictions and tightening budgets, we have all had to get creative with our marketing strategies to keep customers engaged and loyal. Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Could green spaces and biophilic design be the key to it all?


Here are five reasons why we think so.


1. Plant features provide an interesting photo opportunity

In today’s social media age, young consumers are always looking for interesting places to capture their next Insta-worthy snap, and what place is more novel than in front of a plant feature? 

This tactic allows your customers to tag your business on social media for all of their followers to see. Consumers like to take recommendations from other consumers, and this is just as true online. 

Biophilic design is a sophisticated way of reaching new people with your brand, and you don’t even need to spend a penny on creating adverts! We can work with you to create tailor-made plant displays with social media and photography in mind.


2. Unique biophilic displays are memorable

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to give people an experience they’ll remember. Experiential marketing does exactly what it says on the tin. It creates memorable experiences for consumers instead of explicitly trying to sell them something. If your customers remember your plant features they are more likely to visit again or tell a friend.

The whole idea behind biophilic design is creating spaces where the plantlife affects the humans inhabiting the space, making us actually feel something. Plants and humans are great for each other, providing health benefits and a sense of calm too.


3. People like to spend time in pretty places

It’s really as simple as that. Studies have shown that people will spend more time in environments which they find pleasant, and it goes without saying that environments featuring plants and greenery are among the most pleasant of spaces to enjoy. 

When choosing where to spend their time (and their money), customers care about how a space feels. Investing in the way your shop, restaurant or salon looks and feels can be a smart and attractive investment. Get in touch to find out how we could incorporate biophilic design into your business. 


4. The colour green will have an unconscious effect on your customers

Whilst it’s not exactly brainwashing, the colour green has been shown to have a very interesting effect on our psychology. Studies have found that we are more likely to feel calm, optimistic, or even creative when in green spaces. What better way to keep your customers happy?


5. Biophilia: a trend you want to be in on

After the year we’ve had, with everyone spending so much time inside, the last thing many of us want is to spend time indoors. Simply put, biophilia is the love of nature. Biophilic design is used in the interior design industry by strategically bringing elements of nature inside.


With companies such as Morrisons, M&S, Amazon and Google using it, it’s set to be the next big thing. You can tap into this trend by investing in features such as our living walls.


We can help you deliver custom plant displays to bring your space to life, and now is as good a time as any to plant the seed. Get in touch now to find out more about the benefits of biophilic design in business.