Green vs plastic?


In our forever-changing and growing planet, the debate between organic and synthetic plants to add life and greenery to your space is a regularly argued topic, especially with the festive season in full swing.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of synthetic and organic plant installations, so you make the most informed decision for your space.


What are the differences between organic and synthetic installations?


Unlike organic plants, which have to be grown and harvested, synthetic plants have a lengthy manufacturing process that includes moulding, shaping, and colouring. All of this is extremely material and energy intensive, along with producing greenhouse gases that affect our environment.

Unlike synthetic plants, organic plants are living, breathing things that require regular watering, a good light source and nutrients. If you have a special love for nature (like us here at Fleurtations) the regular upkeep and care of organic plants may already be a regular routine for you, if not, the care of organic plants may become more of a task than anything.

However, this regular upkeep is not a concern with synthetic plant installations, as they aren’t alive, and they don’t require any of the upkeep that an organic plant would require, which more often than not will result in the synthetic plant surpassing the lifespan of organic plants by years; but not without its drawbacks.


Sustainability and environmental concerns


Many benefits come from having plastic plants and installations instead of an organic version, one massive benefit being the lifespan of plastic compared to organic plants.

This helps with sustainability as you do not need to go buy a replacement for your synthetic plants once a month, the trouble starts when you’re done with your synthetic plant. As they are made out of various synthetic materials like plastic, fabric and wire. they are not biodegradable like organic plants, meaning when thrown out they add to landfill waste.

We are botanical experts who strive every day to be environmentally conscious when it comes to our instals by sourcing more eco-friendly and zero-waste materials. If upkeep and maintenance is putting you off a plant installation, why not let us take care of it?

We’re here to update your plantscapes as often as you like – or give your space a total refresh. Leave it to us – we can give your plants the care and attention they need all year round with no hassle.



Benefits of natural plants


Plant life plays a massive role in the quality of our air, as they breathe in carbon dioxide (what we breathe out) and release oxygen. Including organic plants in your office space will massively increase air quality, not only making your space look more refreshing but feel it too.

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The debate of organic vs synthetic is still ongoing, but it is clear that it is not as black and white as it’d first seem. Many factors play into the sustainability, advantages and drawbacks of both options.

If you’re looking to just simply add a low-maintenance pop of colour to your office, then synthetic is right for you, but, if you plan to improve the air quality and morale of your office along with a vibrant part of decor, then an organic option is right for you.

To craft genuinely eco-friendly indoor spaces, a mindful strategy blending the beauty of natural flora with carefully selected artificial plants can achieve harmony between aesthetics and ecological responsibility.

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