We work with businesses large and small to help them grow their businesses and increase sales with the power of plants.


For business owners, planting is about more than having their premises look great, it’s about creating an atmosphere where your customers and clients are comfortable spending time (and money).


Plants are a key tool for experiential marketing. They help you to create an immersive feeling that touches every aspect of your business from the moment customers walk through the door, to the final sale.


What is experiential marketing?


This is the term used to describe 360 degree marketing that considers all aspects of a customer’s journey. If a customer is able to create an emotional connection to your business during their time in store, the longer your brand will be at the front of their mind.


Think of the experience at Lush, Apple or Harrod. Those businesses all use experiential techniques to make the customer experience more enjoyable, and memorable.


Why do you enjoy spending time at your favourite shopping centre or store? Is it the mood lighting? The fresh scent you can’t quite describe? Or perhaps the free samples dotted around your journey through the store?


These are all experiential marketing techniques to tug on your senses and create a lasting and a brain-brand connection that lasts.


This report demonstrates that experiential retail is seen as the future of retail as we know it. So there’s never been a better time to invest in how your brand feels to the customer.


How to use plants in experiential marketing


So where do plants fit into all of this? As planting experts, we are used to helping our clients create photo-worthy displays inside and out to create amazing experiences for their customers and clients.


From hanging baskets and window boxes to huge living wall installations and showstopping planted arrangements – we love to hear from our customers that planting has really made a difference for their sales and customer feedback.


Plants have a number of benefits to us humans, from their ability to calm us down, decrease stress and illness and more. When added to a space, they create a sense of togetherness and considered design that adds to any form of retail theatre.


Interior planting can be used to divide space, especially in large retail settings, and dictate the physical journey your customers take around a store.


They can also be used to enhance the look and feel of stock by mirroring natural textures, fabrics or materials.


Plants can even support a relaxed and happy environment within areas such as changing rooms by diffusing lighting and improving the acoustics of a space to make visitors feel at ease – which is exactly how to increase sales.


How does experiential marketing help grow your business?


– Increased ROI


You might think planting can be an expensive way to enhance your business, but you might be surprised to know that experiential marketing has a very high ROI, as it appeals to customers who are looking to cultivate a more genuine relationship with the brands they buy from, even if it means spending more.


– Brand affinity


Studies as well as anecdotal evidence tells us that people make connections with brands that resonate with them by having an immersive in-store experience like planting, lighting and scent.


– Increases your online and media coverage


Having a planted installation attracts footfall and in turn, encourages people to share pictures on social media and beyond. Having an attractive photo location means your brand will be seen by many more people through user generated content.


– Makes your brand more sustainable


Finally, plants are not only a more sustainable option than other methods of experiential marketing, they actually make your business altogether more green.


Increasing sales doesn’t have to cost the earth in fact, you can improve the air quality at the same time with effective biophilic design.


Why invest in planting?


With the convenience that online services like shopping brings, there needs to be a reason to tempt your customers into your physical store or building.


Every interaction with your brand needs to feel like an experience and planting is a great way to achieve this.


We’ve spoken about the power of plants in another blog and how the colour green has a subconscious effect on us, making us feel more chilled, happy and creative.


Ensuring your business survives the decline of real life shopping and events starts with creating a welcoming and impressive atmosphere – which start with the brilliance and flexibility of planting.


Find out more


We can help you deliver custom plant displays to bring your brand to life. Growing your business starts with planting – and now is as good a time as any to start.


Get in touch now to find out more about the benefits of biophilic design in business.