Why Fleurtations?

The Right Plants, The Right Source

Choosing the right plants for the right environment is, without fear of exaggeration, critical. Different plants thrive in different conditions. And marrying the two perfectly is what guarantees longevity and healthy growth. Plants can do so much to transform an internal space. Apart from instantly improving the aesthetics they have the versatility to delineate circulation routes, create partitions, reduce noise levels or bring some much needed calm to areas of unwanted stress. Using colour, shape, height spread and even the fronds of a particular leaf, our designers can make workspaces from modest receptions to sprawling call centres work harder. Many of our best plants some from abroad where specialist growers throughout Europe and America provide the highest quality plants for our designs. All of our plants come from sustainable sources and none is harvested from the wild.

Quality & Design

After more than 25 years in business we know it’s all about quality. That’s quality plants, people, service, it’s what our clients want, need and deserve. To maintain our high standards of client care and provide on-going training for our staff, we undertake regular quality control visits to all of our sites. In doing so and along with our advice notes we create a maintenance record for each client that outlines, in comprehensive detail, any work carried out at any given time. Quality of service is very important to us. So much so that we’ll even agree to look after your plant displays whether we installed them or not.

With any design project we like to get involved right from the start. However we know that’s not always possible. The unique combination from our extensive ranges of plants and pots is what will make your displays different and perfect for you. Once you’ve decided on your style you can choose between buying your displays outright with or without our guaranteed maintenance service or renting your displays which combines supply and maintenance safe in the knowledge that dead or dying plants will be replaced free of charge. We are more than happy to sit down with architects, facilities managers, interior designers, planners or office managers at any stage of the creative process.

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