If you follow us on social media, you might have heard us talk about biophilic design. But what is it? What does it do? And perhaps more importantly, how can it help your business grow?


At Fleurtations, we believe in the power of plants, people and passion. So here is how biophilic design can help to grow your business.


So what is biophilic design?

Simply put, biophilia is the love of nature. Biophilic design is used by interior designers to strategically bring elements of nature inside. Our business is focused on using our passion for plants to create bespoke living and plant installations such as living walls and features which have a positive effect on the people who come into contact with them.


You’ve heard of department stores pumping delicious scents into the air and controlling the lighting to make us more relaxed (and likely to spend) – and biophilic design is another, more natural, string on the same bow. 


Our senses tell us a lot about how we’re feeling. Humans and plants have a connection which works like magic. Plants and flowers improve our health, help us to feel happy and much more. 


Plants can also have a calming effect and many positive impacts on our mental health, plants are capable of so much more than just looking pretty. Although that is a huge bonus! Whatever your style and budget, we can create something to fit the bill.


Why should your business invest in biophilic design?

Well, to put it simply, we believe that people enjoy spending time (and money) in beautiful surroundings. Our post about the impact of plants on your business is a great place to start reading more about this! In addition, there is even scientific evidence that states that the colour green has an unconscious, calming effect on customers. 


Having an environment which feels unique, relaxing or perhaps even wild and enchanting creates a USP for your business. With many restaurants, cafes and public spaces becoming evermore homogeneous, making a difference with bespoke planters can make your venue the go-to within your industry. 


Biophilic design can lower your carbon footprint

Biophilic designs such as living or green walls can make your space greener. Plants clean the air by absorbing carbon and other nasties, and they can even reduce noise too which makes them a great addition to large offices or open spaces. Read more about the eco wonders of plants.


And it can inspire your clients, staff and customers too

We’ve previously written about the benefits of interior plants in offices. A huge benefit is that humans thrive in nature – even the smallest dose of greenery can inspire your clients, customers and staff to be at their best. 


Fancy finding out more about biophilic design?

We’re botanical experts, with 30 years of experience in designing and installing bespoke plantscapes. We work with you to design something that’ll add a wow factor to your space – regardless of your budget. 

Find out more about biophilic design and get in touch to find out what we could do for you.